Looking for comments on the 15-pin ethernet connector

Donald M. Craig (tektronix!tekcrl!tekfdi!videovax!dmc@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
13 Jun 88 18:52:03 GMT

I am looking for feedback on the quality and reliability of
the slide latch mechanism used on the DB-15 ethernet connectors.
I have used these myself for the past five years, and have
discovered a number of problems with them. Additionally,
various nasty remarks about these connectors have surfaced
on the net from time to time.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has a
standard known as RP-125 which specifies a parallel digital
television interface. The connector for that interface is
a 25 pin D-type (DB-25) with a slide latch like the ethernet
connector. The RP-125 standard is up for revision, and the
Tektronix representative submitted a note from me outlining
my experience and problems with the ethernet slide latch

Sun Microsystems also has a representative on the RP-125 committee.
He has asked the component engineer for connectors at Sun
if there was any data concerning the mechanical integrity of the
slide latch locking mechanism used in the ethernet connector.
Here is the response:

"I am the Component Engineer for connectors at Sun. In regards to your
question concerning the Ethernet DB-15, these are used through out
industry by the millions, in many applications. I am not aware of any
significant problems with mechanical integrity of the lock, or for that
matter with the connector in any aspect. If the connector is properly
installed and handled in a semi-reasonable manner you should not have
any problems. As far as Sun is concerned, usage of D-Sub connectors in
general, that is various sizes and configurations, will probably
increase. When all things are considered it often turns out to be the
best way to go! Hope this helps!!!"

In the face of this informal statement by Sun's component engineer,
I now need data about other people's experience with the DB-15 slide
latch ethernet connector. Help save another standard from the same
fate! Please send your comments email to:

Thank you,

Don Craig
Tektronix Television Systems

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