Re: DELNI Rack Mount Kits

Tue, 14 Jun 88 07:26:32 PDT

> Are we all talking about the same thing? In my DECDirect catalog,
> Winter/Spring 1988, on the same page as the DELNI (p. 113), P/N
> H3126-00/FP, Rack Mount Brackets, $42. I've ordered these, installed
> them on the DELNIs, and rack mounted them. Did one just last week.
> What's the deal? Am I confused? Are they no longer available?
> Should I be worried?

Here's some details on the kit that Clive Dawson mentioned earlier:

For a smaller part number (270-023) and a much smaller price ($2.99),
I think that the Radio Shack "Universal Mounting Bracket Set" is a much
better deal. The only drawback is that you have to provide your own
#6-32 screws and washers. Works great! And, you have two other pairs
of brackets left over, just in case you need to mount a car stereo.

        - Glenn

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