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13 Jun 88 09:01:08 GMT

In article <In article <159@heart-of-gold> In article <159@heart-of-gold> jc@heart-of-gold (John M Chambers) writes:
>... I'm looking for examples of correct code.
>Note also that I haven't said what machine(s) I'm running on. If you really
>want to know, I'll tell you (and it's a long list). But it seems to me that
>if these protocols are at all what they are hyped up to be, it shouldn't much
>matter what sort of machines I have. ...

This is sort of like saying, `I want to know how to install the fuel
filter, but I will not say what kind of car I have.' One fuel filter
may fit quite a few cars, but the location of the appropriate hose is
different on each.

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