Re: network unreachable

Karl Kleinpaste (!
13 Jun 88 14:15:05 GMT

narten@cs.purdue.EDU writes:
   edguer@mandrill writes:
>[...Case Western can't get out to the Rest of the World...]
> What can I do to find out why they have become unreachable?

   The problem is broken routing tables, and I suspect NSFnet (or its
   We have been unable to reach net 128.146 (ohio-state) for a week, and
   By implication, NSFnet is not correctly propagating all of the routes
   it learns from the ARPANET. (Note that for the most part, we can reach
   NSFnet sites; only a handful cause trouble.)

Case Western is behind the same gateway as Ohio State...

The problem is out-of-date software at the gateways in Columbus,
Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, from what the local folks managing the net
connections have told me, resulting in routing glitches in large
quantities and leaving us unable to find lots of places, e.g., I
haven't seen in 8 days. The expectation/hope is that the
matter will be cleared up within another day or two - an update from
The Vendor is on the way.

What a mess,

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