Re: Networks unreachable

Monday, 13 June 1988 10:40:22 EDT

We have encountered a peculiar situation on a Proteon p4200 that has broken
connectivitiy for Ohio State, Case Western Reserve, and the Universith of
Michigan. The router in question is located in Cleveland and has T1 lines to
those institutions, and also to the routing stub where PSC-GW and companions
connect the ARPANET, NSFNET, PSCNET, and SURANET. Explicit RIP routes are
propagated, plus translated (from hello) NSFNET routes, plus default. (Let
me remind all and sundry that the present gated does not announce routes
learned via EGP, but relies on the propagation of default.)

So far, so good. Default is propagated successfully to the affected schools,
but when data is sent to a net via default, the p4200 in Cleveland returns
net unreachable (in fact, if the Proteon console is queried for a route to
such a net, like MILNET, the response is "unable to route, reason none".
This reouter has been running v7.4 of Proteon's code for some time, and it
has only been very recently that it has failed. Proteon's response has been
to advise us to use a bugfix, v7.4b, which we have only just received.
No explanation of what may have happened to exercise this bug, or precisely
what bugs have been fixed has been offered. The new version should be
installed today.


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