Re: Networks unreachable

Monday, 13 June 1988 13:25:40 EDT

Yea, verily, and after a restart, the Router In Question passes previously
barfed traffic. Thanks, and a tip of the bashed hat. Yet another reminder
that confession can be good for one's productivity, let alone one's soul.

Thanks again,
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Date: Mon, 13 Jun 88 08:25:13 PDT
From: dlw@violet.Berkeley.EDU (David Wasley)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: p4200 bug

We (actually Milo Medin) found what may be that bug when we installed 7.4
here, and Proteon generated 7.4b for us as a result. Basically, if the
box had an explicit route for a net, and it became unreachable (ie 16),
the box wouldn't take default but would claim the net was explicitly

There is a mailing list for p4200 users that Scott Brim started long ago: -- some of those folks may have other
bug information re 7.4. We've been using 7.4b since January.

        David Wasley
        U C Berkeley

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