Cisco terminal servers?

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Mon, 13 Jun 88 08:21 5


     I'm looking for information. I'm told Cisco makes TELNET terminal
servers. This I didn't know. Is it true? Are they good (I know they
make very good routers)? Do they do the WHOLE standard and not just the
mandatory parts (i.e. do they do things like Interrupt, Abort etc like
UNIX TELNET)? What's the failure rate? What are the common failure
modes? Do they diagnose easily? Can their parameters, i.e. port
characteristics and IP characteristics, be changed from a central
location? Does it burn up what gets plugged into it? What's the
software complexity? Is it ROM based, does it load from disk or is it
downlined? How is Cisco at repair and support? Anything else you can
think of would be helpful.

     I'll summarize the results for the net if anyone wants it.

     Thanks much.

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University.

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