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Tom Easterday (
Mon, 13 Jun 88 08:25:51 EDT

  The problem that CWRU and Perdue is experiencing is due to two things.
  As of 6/7/88 the link between PSN 29 here at Ohio State and PSN 21 at
  Pittsburgh was deinstalled. We switched over to our NSFnet link to PSC
  which is a string of Proteon gateways (one here, one in Cleveland, and
  one in Pittsburgh). These gateways are running Proteon software rev
  7.4 which has a known bug when using default routes. PSC is in the
  process (so I've been told) of installing rev 7.4b on these gateways
  which will hopefully clear things up a bit. I'm counting on it happening
  early this week. When the Cleveland POP gateway is upgraded CWRU should
  see an improvement. Maybe Gene Hastings at PSC would like to clarify
  things if something I've said here is incorrect.

Tom Easterday
The Ohio State University
Instruction and Research Computer Center

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