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12 Jun 88 02:05:54 GMT

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> I'm not sure if you're trying to imply that the mounting brackets are
> part of the standard DELNI, or if you ordered them as an accessory
> with the DELNI.
> phone call from the distributor (about a week later) who said the
> rack mounting kit was no longer available from DEC.
> So... If I was to crack the DELNI open would I find the necessary
> parts inside? If not, does anyone know if DEC still supplies these
> brackets?

Last fall I installed about a dozen Dec DELNI's at my site. What I was told
kinda amazed me. DEC sells the brackets as an option in Europe for the
standard 19" rack, but not in the US. In the US, they only come with the
DEC cabinet/rack.

No, if you take off the plastic case, all you'll see is two holes in the
side of the DELNI to mount the missing "ears".

Fortunately since my customer site where this equipment is located, happens
to be an Engineering Test facility for an Automotive company, it was no
big deal for us to fabricate the parts ourselves. I would have still
prefered to buy them from DEC.

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