Re: APIs for PC TCP/IP packages, TCP/IP for MVS

James Van Bokkelen (
Sun, 12 Jun 88 11:21:52 EDT

In fact, most commercial TCP/IP packages for DOS can be purchased with an
Applications Programming Interface of some sort. Our PC/TCP, Sun's PC/NFS,
Excelan's EXOS 8051, and NRC's all have libraries that emulate Berkeley
sockets, for Microsoft C. I don't know details of Bridge's offering. I
think each product supports all memory models, but I don't think anyone is
shipping code for 5.0 or 5.1 yet. In addition, our Developer's Kit comes
with libraries that allow access to our native interface (interrupt-based,
with fairly rich asynchronous facilities - our NETBIOS was written with it),
as well as high-level libraries providing callable FTP, Telnet and Rlogin.

Regarding the original question (TCP/IP for MVS), I believe that ACC offers
one, in addition to Spartacus. Both provide FTP, Telnet (including TN3270)
and SMTP. Both have UCLA MVS ancestry. Both need hardware (a front-end) sold
by the vendor to actually provide the network connection. Writing your own
FTP gateway on a PC would certainly be possible, particularly if it was batch
mode, but I'd be cautious about such a project, because the development would
take a while, and then there would be issues of reliability and maintenance...

James VanBokkelen
FTP Software Inc.

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