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Aydin Edguer (mandrill!
12 Jun 88 04:45:12 GMT

I am trying to understand why certain sites are unreachable from my machine.
 I am currently at []. CASE.Edu used to be
 a CSNET site only, hooked up to relay-csnet via a leased line. It has since
 become a part of the NSFnet with T-1(?) links to Pittsburgh and Columbus.
 It was renamed CWRU.Edu. Since joining the Internet I have enjoyed using
 {smtp,nntp,ftp} to obtain information and sources. Recently, however, a
 number of sites which were reachable now return the message "network
 unreachable". These sites include such places as,,
 Why would sites which were reachable become unreachable like this?
 Is this due (perhaps) to the dismantling of the ARPAnet which I understand
 is taking place?
 What can I do to find out why they have become unreachable?
 What can I do to try to reach them now that my router has given up?

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