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10 Jun 88 14:42:38 GMT

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> I'm trying to determine whether or not there are any commercial
> products which support TCP/IP on MVS, specifically for the purposes of
> FTP....

We looked at many solutions to link things to the MVS computers. At first we
were just concerned with our VAXen running VMS. We found FlexLINK, Interlink
and FlexComm. Contact IBM if you wish to look at any of these.

To actually get TCP/IP from an Ethernet talking to an MVS processor, you
will have to either go with some solution that IBM has (bad option) or
with one of the third party solutions. The cadillac is the Sparticus
products (a division of Fibronics.) It was very expensive last time I
looked at it. There is also another startup company (whose name I have
forgotten) and Mitek. We will be implementing the Mitek solution in the
next few weeks. The telephone number for Fibronics is (617)-778-0700.
for Mitek, contact Tim Hogan at (214)-490-4090.

It sounds, though, that you just want file transfer. This may be accomplished
through several proprietary networks such as Network System's HYPERChannel.
This is also a very expensive solution. If you are just transferring text
files, I would recommend that you build your own solution. Take one of your
old XTs lying around and put an IRMA (or compatable) card in it along with
an Ethernet card. Buy an API (Application Programming Interface) to emulate
keystrokes through the IRMA software and make sure that your TCP/IP software
comes with an API. As far as I know, only Bridge Communications PCS/1 has
this capability. Set up user accounts on the MVS system and on some TCP/IP
node. Now comes the tricky part: write your program on the PC to first log
into the MVS system. Grab any files that are there and pull them down to the
PC. Close the connection (or not if you prefer). Open an FTP connecetion
to the TCP/IP node and push all the files to the directory there. Pull back
any files that you did not put there. Close you FTP connection and reopen
the MVS connection. Put files there that you pulled from the TCP node.
Go to step one and continue ad infinitum. If you want to get real fancy,
you could write front-ends for the MVS and TCp node to put headers on the files
and distribute them to final destinations. Now, to transfer files, just put
them in one directory on one machine and they will appear on the other machine.

Chris Lonvick
Texaco EPTD

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