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> Ok, I'm obviously the slow one here, but... For some of us, this world of
> TCP/IP and networking is a bit tough to pick up. I didn't have a chance
> to learn about it in college so its been strictly OJT. Would anyone else
> out there who has been in this position be willing to send or post a good
> solid intro to mid level reading list?
For a more specific request, I'd like to ask if anyone knows of a set of
prototype client/server programs for TCP and UDP. There's no shortage of
reading matter on the subject, but I've yet to see anything that tells me
how to write the code correctly. You'd think that, since this is something
that's supposed to make networking easy and painless for all of us, that
there'd be some examples of how it's done. In reality, I (like everyone
I talk to) find it all black magic, and my programs just sorta work some
of the time, and other times fail in mysterious ways. In particular, it
seems very hard to figure out how to pass messages correctly via UDP, though
it is supposed to be easy.

Note that I'm NOT looking for yet another theoretical explanation of why
TCP/UDP/IP are so wonderful. I've got those. I'm looking for examples
of correct code. I don't got those. "RTFM" isn't much help. I've read
lotsa manuals, and frankly, they're all crummy. (If you have an exception,
I'd love to hear about it.)

Note also that I haven't said what machine(s) I'm running on. If you really
want to know, I'll tell you (and it's a long list). But it seems to me that
if these protocols are at all what they are hyped up to be, it shouldn't much
matter what sort of machines I have. The protocols are supposed to be very
well standardized, aren't they? Well, then, I oughta be able to use them
in exactly the same way on, say, a Sun and a MtXinu and a Xenix and a SysV
and a ... machine, shouldn't I?

Has this all perhaps been posted somewhere that I haven't seen?

[Boy, what a dreamer! ;-]

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