Multiple connects to ARPA

Randy D. Holmes (
10 Jun 88 17:54:52 GMT

     I was wondering if someone might be able to inform me of any
  issues which might arise from having two connections to the arpanet.
  Our network covers several geographic locations, with our arpa
  connection being on the east coast. We are looking at the possibility
  of obtaining a second connection on the west coast. Is this a
  plan which is generally excepted? are the arpa routers capable
  of finding the easiest way in to our net? and how hard would be
  to set up our net to find the easiest way to an outside net. We
  are using several cisco gateways scattered about, with a direct line
  connecting our east coast site, and our west coast site.
  Any insight would be appreciated.

Randy D. Holmes holmes1@Ford-wdl1.ARPA
Ford Aerospace Corporation
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Palo Alto CA 94303
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