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>When our DEC DELNI arrived I tried to mount it in a rack along with the
>DEC LAT terminal servers. They both come in a plastic case intended for
>setting on a table or such. To rack mount them you remove the plastic
>case and inside there is a metal case that will fit into a rack. (We
>still have those empty plastic cases taking up room on a shelf.)

[ ... ]

>The LAT units installed with no problems but when I went to do the same
>for the DELNI the brackets didn't line up with anything. A little
>investigation showed that the brackets included with the DELNI were the
>ones for a LAT.

I'm not sure if you're trying to imply that the mounting brackets are
part of the standard DELNI, or if you ordered them as an accessory
with the DELNI.

When we ordered our DELNI, a seperate part number was given for the
rack mounting kit (in the installation manual). When I called back
to order this kit, much confusion resulted. I finally received a
phone call from the distributor (about a week later) who said the
rack mounting kit was no longer available from DEC.

So... If I was to crack the DELNI open would I find the necessary
parts inside? If not, does anyone know if DEC still supplies these

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