DCA R&D Planning

Dave Gomberg (gomberg@gateway.mitre.org)
Fri, 10 Jun 88 11:47:11 EDT

The MITRE Corporation is assisting the Defense Communications Agency (DCA)
in planning for Internet Research and Development (R&D) activities for the
FY90-FY92 period (i.e., October 1990-September 1992). Although the focus
is more likely to be on D than R for DCA funded projects, there is interest
in R projects that might be pursued through other than DCA funding. One of
the reasons D will dominate R is that DCA would like to fund projects that
will have an operational impact within a year or two of project completion.

We are seeking suggestions for R&D activities that can realistically be
pursued in the FY90-FY92 period. Suggested activities may or may not be
ones in which you or your organization would like to participate. By
replying to me directly (not to this list) you may be assured that your
ideas will not be revealed outside DCA until the Government issues an RFP
and that your unique inputs will be credited/acknowledged to DCA.

Although your suggestions may be informally presented, they should address
the following to the extent possible:

        - description of the Internet problem to be addressed and why it
          is important

        - suggested approach to solving the problem

        - estimate of resources required (staff years over some period)

Note that the kinds of problems of interest are broad in scope. Not only
are "network-centric" problems, such as congestion control of interest, but
problems normally thought of as host responsibilities are of interest also.

Some of you may recognize an intersection of this request and the IETF
Internet Problem/Description Form recently circulated by Phill Gross. If
you have already responded to that, you need not duplicate the effort. This
request is being sent to a wider audience and is narrower in focus. Apologies
in advance to those of you who receive multiple copies of this message.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

David A. Gomberg
The MITRE Corporation
7525 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102


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