YANB--Yet Another Networking Book

Steve Goldstein (goldstei@mitre.arpa)
Fri, 10 Jun 88 10:44:13 EDT


I hesitate to speak up among all you august authorities, but in all the
chatter back ond forth about references on communications books, I have
not noted mention of Stallings' Second Edition "Data and Communications":

William Stallings, Ph.D., "Data and Computer Communications--Second Edition"
Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1988; ISBN 0-02-415451-2;
653 pp.; $51.35 at the Univ of Colorado Book Store in March '88.

Seems to do a magnificent job of covering the various protocols in a balanced
and comparative fashion. MAY be a condensation of his three-volume set; but
as I haven't gone through the set, I really do not know. At any rate, I
find this chock-full of the explanations I've been searching for and a most
useful extension beyond the world of TCP/IP. Material is presented at an
introductory level for the first-time inquirer, and it is quite readily
understandable. Still, there's considerable depth. So, if you want a
good view of the world beyond Comer and can only have one additional book,
I'd vote for Stallings' Second Edition.

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