SLIP or TCP/X.25 for VMS????

Vance Morrison (kaon!nucsrl!
9 Jun 88 22:11:06 GMT

Hello, I need some help

We are trying to connect two VAXes runing VMS to our campus TCP/IP internet.
Unfortuately, These computers are not that physically close to each
other (> 500 ft) or to the rest of campus (> 3000 ft). Luckily,
the data needs of these people are quite modest (mail and a few telnet's
and FTP's), so we were thinking about X.25 or SLIP.

So my question to you is, does anyone know about TCP/IP software for
VMS that will interface to X.25 or a serial port (SLIP). Does
CMU make such a thing?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

                                        Vance Morrison
                                        Northwestern University

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