Re: DDN support for CMU-TEK TCP/IP

Vince Fuller (VAF@Score.Stanford.EDU)
Thu 9 Jun 88 14:53:54-PDT

You might want to re-send your query to the CMU-TEK-TCP mailing list, which is
reachable as "CMU-TEK-TCP@C.CS.CMU.EDU". This list is mostly made up of users
of the CMU-TEK package but is also read by the CMU-TEK maintainers.

        Vince Fuller,
        Stanford Networking
        (former implementor of CMU-TEK-TCP)

P.S. To partially answer your question - no such interface was ever written
     at CMU while I was working on the project and I suspect that it still true
     today. It is possible, however, that someone outside of CMU has done some
     work on this (I seem to remember reading something about it, in fact).

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