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Good start! I've added some corrections to the heirarchy.
It strikes me that this kind of info would be reasonable in an intro
of some kind to IP.

>> This sounds to me like there is some confusion over the meaning of
>> some of the terms used (which, to the best of my limited knowledge,
>> have never been fully codified - perhaps an addendum to the Assigned
>> Numbers RFC is in order - "Assigned Abbreviations and Terms and Their
>> Meanings").

I'd recommend Douglas Comer's book 'Internetworking with TCP/IP, Principals,
Protocols, and Architecture' or Andrew Tanenbaum's book 'Computer Networks'.
Both include a glossary at the back with very succinct definitions of most
everything you mention below.

>> As I understand things the "hierarchy" of terms in use in the Internet
>> protocols (among others) are:

Here is perhaps a better set of definitions: (some of these are essentially
pulled from Comer's book).

FRAME - The unit of information encapsulated for transmission on physical
        media or network.

FRAGMENT - a unit that the IP layer breaks a DATAGRAM into if necessary
           for transmission across networks that can not handle the size
           of the entire DATAGRAM. A FRAGMENT has essentially the same
           IP header as the original DATAGRAM.

DATAGRAM - The basic unit of information dealt with by the IP layer. This
           is what is sent across the TCP/IP Internet. It may be broken
           into FRAGMENTS if a network can not handle the DATAGRAM's size.

SEGMENT - the basic unit that TCP deals with. A segment consists of a block
          of bytes that arrive or are sent at one time. These bytes make up
          part of stream of bytes. Information in the segment identifies
          where in the stream these bytes exist. A segment will be
          passed to the IP layer as one or more DATAGRAMS for transmission
          by that layer.

PACKET - the basic unit of information sent across a packet-switching network.
         It's exact meaning is dependent upon the context.

BUFFER - an implementation detail that is used for passing blocks of information
         including DATAGRAMS to the layers for processing.


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