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der Mouse (mcgill-vision!mouse@BLOOM-BEACON.MIT.EDU)
6 Jun 88 09:13:53 GMT

In article <8805261929.AA04199@RHEA.CAM.UNISYS.COM>, jonab@CAM.UNISYS.COM (Jonathan P. Biggar) writes:
>> The TCP URGENT mechanism uses a pointer; I do not think that there
>> is any specification which says that packet boundaries are
>> significant with respect to URGENTs.
> Not so! RFC 793 states:
> If there is urgent data [...]. *****Note that data following
> the urgent pointer (non-urgent data) cannot be delivered to the
> user in the same buffer with preceeding urgent data unless the
> boundary is clearly marked for the user.*****

What does this have to do with packet boundaries? Jonab said "packet",
not "user buffer".

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