Russ Nelson (!
7 Jun 88 20:57:36 GMT

Reading Comer's book, _Internetworking with TCP/IP_, I get the
impression that RIP is a second son of the Internet protocol suite. I
also found out why I couldn't find any documentation on the "RIP
Protocol". Is there a move to HELLO afoot? *Should* there be a move

Also, reading the RFC for BOOTP, I get the impression that RARP is
obsoleted by BOOTP. There is no contact address given in the RFC,
so I ask here...

Also also, Comer's book is very handy for figuring out how a packet
gets from host A to host B. Tannenbaum's _Computer Networks_ is a good
tutorial on networks in general, but Comer's book gives you a chance
to decode Dave Mills' postings :-)

signed char *reply-to-russ(int network)	{	/* Why can't BITNET go	*/
if(network == BITNET) return "if(network == BITNET) return "NELSON@CLUTX";	/* domainish?		*/
else return ""; }

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