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>I wonder whether someone would be so kind as to tell me the revealed
>truth about the assignment of IP network numbers to point-to-point links
>(like SLIP).

        Here's an example from Proteon. Proteon added the feature of
NOT using IP subnets on serial links to Rel 7.4 (circa last summer).
Prior to 7.4 you HAD to use a subnet. What do you give up? Here's
what Proteon said in the 7.4 release notes:

        o can't ping the interface
        o cannot run EGP over the interface
        o cannot boot from that interface (serial line boot added rel 8.0)

        The problem with omitting an IP subnetted address from a
serial interface has to do with identifying that interface. Proteon
says that "for routing decisions, such a serial line [no IP addr] is
considered to be a part of each subnetted network present in the

        Of course, the big lose with IP addresses is "wasting" all
those two node subnets.

        Use addresses for finer control. Don't use them if you don't
have subnets to "waste". However, you should design the option in for
your customers.

        Kent England, Boston U

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