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Gurudatta Parulkar (
Tue, 07 Jun 88 13:52:25 -0500

        From: guru@flora.wustl.EDU (Gurudatta Parulkar)
        Date: 4 Jun 88 13:48:35 GMT

        Has anybody successfully installed Van Jacobson's tcp/ip on a
        binary only sun 3/50 ?

> Yes. Several thousand have. It is in the current software release,
> SunOS 4.0.

Very true except several thousands like us haven't yet received the
SunOS 4.0! And I am interested in having the Van Jacobsen's "source"
code for TCP AND IP on my otherwise binary only Sun 3/50. As Craig
pointed out TCP is not a problem, but IP part has to be actually
ported to sun. I guess the revised question should be

has anybody successfully ported the IP part of Van Jacobsen's code to
sun 3/50 and is willing to let others use the revised source code ?

I hope this makes some sense.

-guru or

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