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7 Jun 88 13:33:00 GMT

In article <> peter%infidel@LANL.GOV (Peter Ford) writes:
>Some of us still like those blinking lights on our gear and hope
>that they come back in style on all equipment.
        I heartily second that. One of the interesting things I note
on the new unshielded twisted pair Ethernet gear from Cabletron is a
"Link OK" status light. I was delighted to hear that Cabletron (and
possibly others) are using a 1 MHz idle "tone" on the circuit to
indicate "continuity" in the link. This is much better than a simple
power light and should help find swapped pairs and dead circuits. I
understand that the 802.3 committee is considering standardizing a
"Link OK" idle signal (on UTP and fiber[?]). I hope they do.

        Never underestimate the power of a little LED.

        Kent England, Boston U

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