Re: Wanted: Delni

Phil Ngai (amdcad!phil@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
6 Jun 88 18:53:11 GMT

In article <> (Celeste C. Stokely) writes:
>Save yourself a lot of grief and don't buy a Delni. They seems to suffer
>from some of the worst quality control problems I've ever seen. If you get
>a good one, they're great, but it's hard to get a good Delni.

Could you go into more detail on this? How can you tell if your DELNI is bad?

We have used a lot of Cabletron equipment and are very happy with them also.
Mostly transceivers. We started using DELNIs before Cabletron was around
and for lack of any problems directly attributed to them stuck with them.

By coincidence, we are seeing problems in a new building and I wonder if
the DELNIs are the culprit.


I speak for myself, not the company. Phil Ngai, {ucbvax,decwrl,allegra}!amdcad!phil or

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