Re: Linking LAN's via Public X.25

Sat, 4 Jun 88 15:12

>Perhaps another view of IP over X.25 might help. While the original
>question was asked about Sun X.25, there are a number of networks within the
>ARPA/Internet that use IP over X.25.

Yet another view. The RSRE Internet Lab connects to two other European
Internet sites (one in Holland and one in Germany) and others internal
to the UK running IP over X.25. Quality of service is good and at
current traffic levels is much cheaper than international/national leased
circuits. The software has been developed to pay attention to the fact
that real money is being spent e.g. virtual circuits close if IP traffic
stops, and of course accounting and access control are well developed.

If national X.25 provision by US carriers is seen as less than adequate,
by US users, maybe its because they (the carriers) do not see it as a
viable commercial market to make a big investment in given the existing
'free' networks like Arpanet, Milnet, NSFnet etc. YES I DO KNOW that
they are not really free - that Government, Academic institutions and
companies make payments. But in many cases the users at the keyboard
are unaware and uncaring of the costs (judged by many of the remarks
in this forum some months ago).


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