Re: Linking LAN's via Public X.25

Tim Symchych (
Fri, 3 Jun 88 15:54:59 edt

Yes, there are still versions of IP around in hosts that
do not perform well. Regardless of some of the fine work
that has been done in end-to-end performance, we still
use what comes off the shelf, and if the vendors don't
put it out in the product, then we don't have it. Most of our sites
have no interest in "patch and run" systems for their users.
Many people on this mailing list have covered this problem,
including the problems of mixing speeds on segments of the
path that traverse ethernet, leased lines and non-IP packet
switched nets. Except for ethernet LANS, all our links between
hosts use combinations of different link types. I guess that
in our case, X.25 is the least of our problems.
Something I forgot to mention is that in our PDN connections
at 9600, we use 256 byte packets with a window size of up to
7 packets. I also received some hints on the 56 kbps X.25
line to our Butterfly from Dave Capshaw at Lockheed. Seems
that some tuning may be possible between the PSN and the

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