Re: Linking LAN's via Public X.25

Fri 3 Jun 88 14:53:09-EDT

Tim, Thanks for the explanation of how X.25 works in Canada. Different
"administrations" charge differently for the "same services" for their
local reasons. That's just the way the world works. Doesn't seem
to be a way to optomize an architecture to account for all possible
larcenies or charities.

But, I was amazed to see you describe the low throughput on some of your
slow links (anything under T1 is "slow" in my book). How can there
be implementation sout there that cannot keep a 9600 baud link running full

Reason I ask is that your wording left me feeling that the host implementations
were somehow anemic. I would hop that they just had poor data link drivers
that can be fixed rapidly. Or are they mainly suffering from the lack of
Van Jacobson's fixes?


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