Network books, TCP/IP and Ethernet

Charles Spurgeon (spurgeon@jessica.Stanford.EDU)
3 Jun 1988 1131-PDT (Friday)

The following is an annotated list of books that I've found useful while
designing, building, and operating networks at Stanford University over the
last several years. The list reflects the experience of building networks
primarily based on TCP/IP protocols and Ethernet technology.

This message is long. I just set out to list some useful books with
complete access information, and it got longer and longer...

   -Charles Spurgeon
    Networking and Communications Systems, Stanford University.
    June 3, 1988

-- Introductory --

1. "Local Area Networks", by John E. McNamara, 1985, 165pps with index and
glossary. $29.00 Published by Digital Press, ISBN 0-932376-79-7. Digital
Press part number for ordering is EY-00051-DP. Digital Press phone is

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