Re: Linking LAN's via Public X.25

Jon Crowcroft (jon@Cs.Ucl.AC.UK)
Fri, 03 Jun 88 15:40:49 +0100

>Perhaps another view of IP over X.25 might help. While the original
>question was asked about Sun X.25, there are a number of networks within the
>ARPA/Internet that use IP over X.25.

another e.g. of IP over X.25 is the UK Academic link to the US,
which has run over IPSS for some years, as leased lines were
rather expensive for the amount of traffic we used to have, and
since the SATNET was mainly reserved for research use.

A lot of interesting work was done on accounting and access
control so that we could forward bills for the IPSS usage to
the UK source of any IP packets on a sensible basis.

Useful reading...

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