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Doug Peterson (
Fri, 3 Jun 88 09:32:04 EDT

My apologies if this is posted to the wrong discussion group.

We have just upgraded our server from a 3/180 to a 3/280, and have
seen a DECREASE in performance. We run Sun OS 3.5. The number of diskless
clients in both cases is the same. The e-net collision rate is much
higher with the new server, which may account for some of the decrease.

But I just received my copy of the May Sun STB, which has an article
describing how the cache works on a Sun 3/200 series machine. On page
826, there is a statement to the effect that if the cache hit rate is
effectively zero, then performance of a 3/280 system will be less than
a 3/280. As a server, handling lots of random client requests, I would
think that the cache hit rate would be very low.

Has anyone observed similar phenomenon? I will summarize to the net.

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