Re: TCP/IP for PDP-11 running TSX (RT11)

Doug Neuhauser (doug@msc2.TN.CORNELL.EDU)
Fri, 3 Jun 88 09:17:23 edt

Process Software in in Mass. has FTP for RT and TSX, TELNET for RT, and I
believe they are working on TELNET for TSX. Their product is NOT a general
TCP/IP implementation, but a series of applications. The FTP is a very
basic vanilla FTP, but the TSX version uses DEC command-line syntax instead
of interactive Unix-style syntax. The result of this is that they open
and close the connection for EACH file that gets transferred. Also missing
is wildcarding (MPUT/MGET), CWD, and DIR functionality. I have written to
them requesting that they add the above. It is, however, a basic
implementation that works.
They can be reached at:
        Process Software
        35 Montague Road
        PO Box 746
        Amherst, MA 01004
        (413) 549-6994

- Doug Neuhauser, Materials Science Center, Cornell University

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