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In article <8851162341.21a0028a.HEILNER_K> you write:
>Does anyone have the address for purchasing documents like ISO 8348. I am
>particularly interested in finding documents that explain the structure of
>the network address as defined by ISO.
>Keith Heilner
>Stevens Institute
>Network Coordinator


The document you are looking for can be purchased from the following company:

        OMNICOM, INC.
        115 Park Street, S.E.
        Vienna, VA 22180
        TEL: (703) 281-1135
        FAX: (703) 281-1505
        TLX: 279678 OMNI UR
        ORDER#: 1-800-OMNICOM (666-4266)

I quote from their order form:

"The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has granted to Omnicom the
right to distribute ISO/IEC JTC 1 (Information Processing Systems) working
papers, draft proposals, draft international standards, and internmational
standards currently available for Open Systems Interconnection and Data
Commuinications. Topics of interest ionclude the seven layers of OSI,
OSI Management, Formal Description Languages, Conformance Testing, Database
Languages, Computer Graphics, Text and Office Systems, The Directory, and
Remote Database Operations."

Omnicom also distributes the CCITT "red" and "green" books.

I hope that this information helps you.

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