TCP/IP for PDP-11 running TSX (RT11)

Kurt Zeilenga (zu!
2 Jun 88 19:52:31 GMT

We have a system here in need of a cheap, basic TCP/IP
implementation. It should support at least telnet and FTP.
Here is the description I was given of the system:

>My machine is a PDP-11/23. The Ethernet card is a DEQNA. My operating
>system is TSX-Plus Version 5.1B, which is written by S&H Enterprises.
>TSX is based on DEC's RT11, inc this case Version 5. TSX uses all of the
>RT11 filesystem and I/O handlers, but replaces the kernel with a
>multitasking multiuser real-time kernel.

Any pointers, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

        -- Kurt

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