UDP reserved ports

Dave P. Wiltzius (wiltzius@lll-lcc.llnl.gov)
2 Jun 88 00:25:57 GMT

I believe this was discussed here a while back, but I would
like to know how daemons (such as TFTPD or FTPD) get their
reserved UDP or TCP port (as specified in RFC 1010 if I recall
correctly). That is, the port for TFTP is 69 (dex) as per
RFC 1010. The TFTP client therefore sends packets to the
destination host with UDP port number 69 - which the TFTP
daemon on that host should subsequently receive since it
listens on UDP port 69.

How does it acquire UDP port 69? Directions to appropriate
BSD code would be most welcome.

Thank you.
  Dave (wiltzius@lll-lcc.llnl.gov)

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