Proxy ARP, routing and Internet Addresses

Tue, 31 May 88 18:52 EST

At McMaster University we have about 600 host (PCs and others) on our
bridged ethernet. We also have a growing number of subnets which usally
consist of one SUN server with two network controllers and several diskless

We are in the process of connecting to a network which will require "real"
Internet Addresses (we have been using 1.x.y.z).

We feal that a single Class B address cannot handle the growing number of
hosts (over 1024 by year end and around 30 SUN sub-networks).

The solution that I can understand is the aquasition of two Class B
addresses, using one for the main network and subnet the other into 255
sub-networks with 254 hosts each.

I understand what Proxy ARP does, but I don't know if it can (or how it
can) be used to allow us to need only one Internet address.

If I am totaly out in left field, please say so and I will request two

-Carl Beame

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