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27 November 1987

I don't know what to say in this, my last note from Buffalo, New York.
Good and bad things have happened to me since the end of October that
defy description, and the only people who would believe me already have
enough stories to tell about me without creating new legends. The
people who made the good things happen know who they are, and as for
the bad things... I prefer to lump them together as acts of God and
leave it at that.

However, the end result of those past four weeks is that I now have
survived my first week working for AGS Information Services on site at
IBM Kingston preparing to change software that I'm not allowed to
discuss, I enjoy the work, and I expect it to last a while. I also
have found an apartment in Kingston, and will be tearing down my
computer to be moved there as soon as I log off.

My new address as of 1 December 1987 is:

        Andrew H. Derbyshire
        578 Broadway, Apt 6
        Kingston, NY 12401

My telephone will be hooked up on 4 December, and the number will be:


Note that use of either of these is better than sending me mail on
omnigate, because now that I am working I intend on letting my online
mail exchanges die a natural death and use real world communications
instead. This advice applies to answering this letter, so please send me
a holiday greeting at 578 Broadway instead of answering this online.

Most of all though, don't be a stranger.


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