Ethernet Type Fields and Addresses

30 May 1988 14:13-EDT

Below are the current lists of values known at BBN for: Ethernet
Type Fields; Ethernet Address Vendor assignments; Ethernet
Multicast Address assignments. As these values are not published
by the IEEE, we maintain these lists for our use, and for distribution.
Please send corrections and updates directly to me at Please send corrections and updates directly to me at Urbaniak@BBN.COM.

Current Ethernet and IEEE802.3 "Type" Fields 5/5/88

The 13th and 14th octets of an Ethernet or IEEE802.3 packet (after the preamble)
consist of the "Type" or "Length" field. These are formerly assigned by
Xerox, currently assigned by IEEE. Some assignments are public, others private.
Information currently available includes: Xerox Public Ethernet Packet
Type documentation; IEEE802.3 Std, but not yet further documentation from
IEEE; NIC RFC960; knowledge of some BBN Private Type Field values.


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