Re: timezones in 822

Mon, 30 May 88 17:32:20 EDT


Geeze, last I ran phone patches with the KC4 folk at the various US
bases in Antarctica they were keeping Greenwich time but living
US Eastern Time and working radio between 0300 UT and 0900 UT on
whatever frequencies got through. Such hours resulted in some
sleepy wives when I patched them through to their old man stuck
at Palmer Station, which turns out to be, at 64 west longitude,
pretty close to US Eastern Time). Now, I have two QSL cards from
Navy Seebee batallions listing their coordinates as 0W, 90S, which
suggests they salute Greenwich instead. Who cares when you'r humping
theodolites with a SnoCat at 60 below.

By the by, the boys there tell me about the 100-degree club, not so
well known and sort of an initiation haze. The victim takes the

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