Re: Getting started

Mon 30 May 88 14:39:42-PDT

Dewey, Kent England has already responded with a good list of reading
materials. I would add that the Comer book, "Internetworking with TCP/IP",
published by Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-470154-2, price $36, is excellent
material for the serious reader. It gives a lot of "motivational
material" to understand why Internetting is both desirable and not
exactly trivial. Chuck Hedrick's 25 page intro to TCP/IP and
campus networking is also a handy starter. There are so many aspects
to networking that is is hard to find the right materials for
each person who is trying to get started. We try to fill some of the gaps
with tutorials of all flavors (beginner, middle, advanced, and obscure)
and find that people flock to them when they are offered publically.

I hope that Universities will pick up on Comer's book and use it as a
text book. WE need more people to understand how to design, build
and operate internets.


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