Re: Dumb vs. smart host routing

Frank Kastenholz (KASTEN@MITVMA.MIT.EDU)
Mon, 16 May 88 09:37:24 EDT

> However you do bring up a problem with single threaded
>machines. What if we modify your scheme so that all routers on a
>network speak some (as yet undefined) protocol to elect one of them
>the "advertised default router" and only this router would respond to
>the "Who can route" message. If this router went down the other
>routers would know and elect a new default router. "Note I have
>simplified the question from "Who can route to network X?" to just a
>simple request for a default router. That router can then send
>redirects later when packets arrive."

The basic idea is good, unfortunately, I need to deal in the real
world (SHUDDER) where a certain well known computer company has made
a network package for PC's and PS/2's that does not understand ICMP
redirect. In fact, the only ICMP that this package supports is Address
Mask Query.

Frank Kastenholz

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