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13 May 88 20:42:06 GMT

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>we were assured (not sure by whom -- it was 4+ years ago) that it was
>ok from a legal standpoint to install normal yellow PVC cable in plenums
>as long as smoke detectors were also present (in the plenums). It certainly
>is cheaper than installing Teflon cable or using metal conduit (at least
>in the absence of fire!)
>Anybody know if this is true today? Any specific building/fire code references
>available? Thanks.

We went through all this, too, and in Boston there are code provisions
for allowing PVC [non rated] cable in return air plenums when there
are smoke detectors tied into the air handling system that shut down
the air circulation in the event of fire.

Unfortunately, there is no relation between Boston codes and state of
Mass codes and national codes, since it is possible for the state and
city to override and change any provision of the national codes. You
MUST verify compliance to code for each and every building project
with the inspectors, they have the last word.

When talking to your architects and general contractors, ask for an
air handling system that does not require fire rated cable. Leave it
to them to figure out how to do it.

        Kent England, Boston University

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