Re: Davidson's book vs. Comer's book (
13 May 88 17:29:47 GMT

In article <880512092448.2260d215@Csa4.LBL.Gov> forrest@LBL.GOV writes:
>is why I turned to Comer's book. Comer's book is MUCH better although some
>of the chapters (specifically those dealing with routing) didn't feel right.
>This is probably my fault and I intend to reread the whole book a second time.
No, I felt the same way. The chapter on routing is too brief and left
me wanting more. We need still one more book that tackles some of the
issues Comer left too briefly treated. Maybe it's too soon. For now,
it's back to the RFCs and IDEAs.

        Kent England, Boston University

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