Re: Dumb vs. smart host routing

Fri 13 May 88 22:13:06-EDT

> On our network, which is fairly real-worldish, we have a uVAX-II with
> very flakey dequna board. It panics several times a day, leaving us with
> an alternative route but no way to know about it. Your vision could be
> a little broader, without going over your head. :-)

Originally we were discussing 'extremely dynamic' router changes. A crash
every few hours doesn't cut it with me for 'extremely dynamic'. There
are two things that should be done here. First, the microvax should be fixed.
Second, the software should have the list of default gateways that I keep
bringing up rather than just one.

> Won't this affect your TCP RTT and cause some sort of oscillation (or force
> you to bind connections to routes)?

Not a problem at all. You cache a route for each connection; if the
connection starts having problems or an appropriate redirect is
received, you recompute the route. It's very simple and quite efficient
if implemented correctly.
                                        - john

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