Re: Many things on ethernet together???

Greg Bond (munnari!mulga!ditmela!latcs1!vertical!
11 May 88 04:19:17 GMT

In article <> > (Dwight D Mckay) writes:
>Is it possible to have Novell NetWare on the same wire with TCP/IP, XNS and
>AppleTalk (ethertalk?)?

Certainly is. We have one thin enet cable here running SUNs (TCP/IP)
and NetWare 2.0a concurrently. In fact, I have a PC that has a 3com
enet card talking PC-NFS (TCP) and a Gateway G-net card talking Netware
(on a separate cable!) at the same time. So if I had 2 enet cards I guess
I could do both at once on the same cable from the same PC.

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