DACU wanted (used)

Dick Karpinski (cca.ucsf.edu!ccb.ucsf.edu!dick@cgl.ucsf.edu)
12 May 88 22:01:52 GMT

The Computer Center at UCSF would like to buy a second IBM 7170-DACU
to back up the existing box. Perhaps later we will be able to choose
an effective replacement with better throughput and lower overhead.
For now, we wish to feel secure that our Ethernet access is reliable.

If you have replaced your DACU, we would like to know what you chose
and why you chose it. Please let us know if you would be willing to
part with the DACU, and under what terms. Please respond by mail or
call me at (415) 476-4529 or Ian Tuller at (415) 476-5097.

Dick Karpinski Manager of Minicomputer Services, UCSF Computer Center
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