Re: Plenum-Rated Ethernet Transceivers

Mark Fox (m2c!applix!
12 May 88 20:59:08 GMT

In article <859@wright.EDU> jsloan@wright.EDU (John Sloan) writes:
>I've seen references on the net to plenum-rated ethernet transceivers [etc.]
>...Does anyone have specific recommendations...

When we first installed our Ethernet cable above our dropped ceiling we
also had trouble getting info from fire & building officials. However,
we were assured (not sure by whom -- it was 4+ years ago) that it was
ok from a legal standpoint to install normal yellow PVC cable in plenums
as long as smoke detectors were also present (in the plenums). It certainly
is cheaper than installing Teflon cable or using metal conduit (at least
in the absence of fire!)

Anybody know if this is true today? Any specific building/fire code references
available? Thanks.

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