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Pete Cottrell (
Thu, 12 May 88 16:12:34 EDT

In article <8805091745.AA24461@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA> chris@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA (Chris VandenBerg) writes:
>Good morning all!
> I am going to be running Honeywell and Data General systems on a
>LAN soon and have been told by a customer that they have TCP/IP implement-
>ations running on them.

At one point we had an MV10000 running beta releases of DG's UN*X (DG/UX)
implementation (SYSV-based). We were at level 3.0, I believe. They included
a TCP/IP implementation and also included the Berkeley r-commands, as well
as NFS. It seemed to work, although it seemed as though the ethernet board
would veg out every once in a while. Since the machine was never really
heavily used, and we had no source for the beast, we never really dug into
the problem. Towards the end of its stay here, we went to 3.1 level of DG/UX
and soon after got rid of it for a variety of reasons.
        This was about a year ago. I can't really vouch for how things
stand now, I'm just speaking up to confirm that yes, there is a TCP/IP
implementation for Data General machines, available from them, at least
under DG/UX.

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