Doug Comer's TCP/IP book...

Mike Marshall (
12 May 88 13:25:43 GMT

I can't comment on Doug Comer's TCP/IP book, but I can suggest another
book that I know to be very good... "Handbook of Computer Communications
Standards, VOL 3" which deals with the DOD protocol standards. The book's
authors lend it credibility, for example, Paul Mockapetris also wrote
several RFC's including "Domain Names - Concept and Facilities".

After having to turn to the book for reference several times, I have decided
to buy the other two books in the series...

   [1] OSI model & related standards
   [2] Local Network standards

Has anyone read both Comer's book and HCCS VOL-3? Any comments?

-Mike Marshall ...!hubcap!hubcap

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